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Not only you, but we too, place a high priority on safety.

Fully automatic fire suppression systems and more

To minimize the risk of fire from our machines, all our shredders and compators were already equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system on the engine.

Functioning of the system


  • The red detection line shown in the picture is under constant pressure and runs inside the hood along the critical areas.


  • When the radiant heat becomes too high the detection line will burst open. The valve of the fire extinguisher will open due to the pressure.


  • The extinguishing agent will be sprayed automatically through the extinguisher line through the strategically placed nozzles.

In addition, most of our machines have a central lubrication system to ensure proper lubrication of the bearings. In this way, the chance of our machines overheating and overheating is greatly reduced.

The safety of our staff is also extremely important to us. For example, our employees are required to wear and use personal protective equipment on the shop floor and a few weeks ago a training course was organized on the safe driving and use of forklifts, reachtrucks and the rolling bridge.

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