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Vibrating screens, versatile and easy to use 💪

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Screening your products using a vibrating screen?

De voordelen zijn talrijk!

A 2 or 3 fraction vibrating screen is easy to use and belongs to the classics among screens.
They can be widely used in a wide range of applications, for example:

  • Screening stones from soil/sand
  • Screening shredders waste
    Screening of incinerator ash
    Cleaning contaminated soil
    Removal of the finest fraction of biomass

    Screening your products with a vibrating sieve always results in accurate results.
    You obtain a very precise fraction size, even in the finest fractions.

A selection of our range of shaker sieves:

A screen with high efficiency?
The Keestrack K4 mobile vibrating screen consists of two large screen decks that are fully configured according to your needs and is also equipped with a feed bunker.

Like the Evoquip Colt 1000, the machine is mounted on a tracked chassis and can be easily moved on all terrains using a remote control.

The Evoquip Colt 1000 is a compact machine with a large screening box.
This 3-fraction screen is equipped with a feed bunker, where the constant material flow of your products to be screened achieves optimal screening results. The upper and lower deck can be equipped with various designs such as plates or nets.

Of course, when renting a recycling machine and therefore shaker screens, we will help you determine the adequate configuration. This way you can always obtain the best results.

Discover here our full range of vibrating screensDiscover here our full range of vibrating screens

Safety as a priority! 👷‍♂️

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Not only you, but we too, place a high priority on safety.

Fully automatic fire suppression systems and more

To minimize the risk of fire from our machines, all our shredders and compators were already equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system on the engine.

Functioning of the system


  • The red detection line shown in the picture is under constant pressure and runs inside the hood along the critical areas.


  • When the radiant heat becomes too high the detection line will burst open. The valve of the fire extinguisher will open due to the pressure.


  • The extinguishing agent will be sprayed automatically through the extinguisher line through the strategically placed nozzles.

In addition, most of our machines have a central lubrication system to ensure proper lubrication of the bearings. In this way, the chance of our machines overheating and overheating is greatly reduced.

The safety of our staff is also extremely important to us. For example, our employees are required to wear and use personal protective equipment on the shop floor and a few weeks ago a training course was organized on the safe driving and use of forklifts, reachtrucks and the rolling bridge.

View our machine offer hereView our machine offer here

Progressive in recycling! ♻

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Progressive in recycling! ♻

Dear customer,

2022 has gotten off to a flying start. The second month is already well underway. The global pandemic is still holding us in a tight grip. This year also promises to be different from what we are used to.

Furthermore, the ever-changing markets, legislation and desired materials mean that our customers must be able to adapt quickly. We at Smet Rental are aware of this and try to respond to this by offering a range of machines in our fleet, which has passed the150 mark.

We have expanded our fleet to include a Tana Shark 440DT (new type),
a Hammel VB 950 DK and a Hammel VB 750 DK. In addition, we have two more VB 950 DK,
a drum sifter and a disc sifter that will be delivered during 2022.
This is in order to even better meet the demand of our customers at home and abroad.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, you can contact our motivated staff with rental requests, technical questions or questions regarding invoicing at the number +32 3 773 54 69 or via e-mail

Smet Rental expands! 🤩

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Dear customer,

We are pleased to tell you that both our machine park and our enthusiastic team of employees have become a little richer in recent weeks. Our last newly delivered machine, the HAMMEL VB 750 DK is a real powerhouse and we put it well deservedly in the spotlight. Below we introduce our new representative, who will be a point of contact for all your rental requests.

Steven, also known as Steve by his friends, acquaintances and colleagues, lives in Flemish Brabant and will take care of East and West Flanders, Flemish and Walloon Brabant, Antwerp and Brussels. | +32 470 10 25 79

Robust, powerful and versatile

The HAMMEL VB 750 DK is equipped with a powerful CAT C13 EPA Tier 4 Final engine with approximately 480 hp. The larger engine than that of its predecessor allows the machine to increase its power by more than 20%.

Due to the increased capacity of the machine, more material is discharged, the HAMMEL VB 750 DK was therefore equipped with a stronger upper magnet, to optimize the separation of ferrous metal. The larger track system not only makes the machine look more powerful, it also facilitates movement on rough and difficult terrain.

The shredder has even more advantages:

  • The generously sized radiator with 2 doors allows for better cleaning and prevents overheating, even in rooms with high outside temperatures.
  • The highly appreciated “easy to use” control: a mobile PLC control is installed as standard and has 3 pre-programmed and 1 freely configurable program.
    Error messages can be displayed in readable text.
  • The ejection height of the shredder is up to 4,800 mm, which allows for larger stocks.
  • The 66° inclination of the bunker provides an optimal filling position for feeding the material to be processed.


Click here for more information about the machine.

Hammel VB 750 DK - shredder te huur - Smet Rental

Would you like more information or would you like to rent this machine?
Feel free to contact us!

Shredders in your recycling project ♻

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Implementing shredders in your recycling process?

A good idea!

With our extensive range of shredders, we have everything at Smet Rental to be your ultimate partner in supplying shredders for various specific crushing campaigns.
Based on photos of the waste to be processed and the desired fractions, our experts can give recommendations on which shredder is most suitable for you. This way, we can reach the optimal result.

Our wood shredders from, for example, Komptech and Doppstadt are ideal
for breaking wood, roots, green waste, biomass and stumps.
The well-known Komptech Crambo can be delivered with wheel or tracked chassis.

Do you want to break other types of waste?
greenwaste, mattresses, demolition, industrial and household waste can be processed with our crushers. The crushers from Tana, Metso, Hammel, Komptech and Pronar
are extremely suitable for this.

A tire recycling project?
Our Precimeca is a semi-mobile tire shredder. Specifically designed and manufactured to crush your passenger car and truck tires.

The range is completed with the robust Terex and Roco stone shredders.
Both shredders are equipped with a tracked chassis. Our Roco R9R is a real compact powermachine for crushing all your stone rubble. In addition, this machine can run either electrically or on a diesel engine. This makes it easier to meet noise standards or to carry out your crushing campaigns in a production area.

Discover here our complete offerDiscover here our complete offer
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