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Smet Rental makes every effort to offer tailor- made recycling solutions. With a strong market position in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg we are one of the largest European players. Thanks to our extensive range of machines, we succeed in being your ultimate partner in recycling.

Rental of recycling machines without operator

Our (semi-)mobile machines are delivered on site by one of our drivers. They instruct your employee(s) to enable them to operate the machine themselves. There is thus no need for a Smet Rental operator. This enables you to complete your project at your own pace and with an easy to operate machine.

Solution-focused collaboration in every project

Every recycling project is scrutinised. We make a thorough analysis of the material you want to process and determine which machine in our range suits your needs best. If there doesn’t seem to be a ready-made solution, together we look for a way to respond to the needs. We think in solutions, not problems.

Technical support

Smet Rental guarantees a technical and carefree service for the duration of your project. You can reach our experts by phone at any time. If a problem occurs, a technician will come on site so you can resume your campaign

Diversity of brands

What makes Smet Rental strong and unique is our multi-brand machinery. We do not only offer a wide range of machines, but also avariety of brands. This way you will find your favourite and trusted brands and simply the best machines for every job.

Innovate and diversify

The world of recycling is constantly changing. New laws, innovative techniques and stricter standards force us to innovate. We carefully monitor the recycling market and ensure that our machines are adapted to these changes.

A strong, experienced team

The expansion, maintenance and transport of our machinery cannot be done without motivated and professional employees. Day or night: our team is ready to monitor your project. Both the logistical organisation and the practical maintenance are carried out from our central head office in Verrebroek. That is why we don’t solely invest in machines, but also in our people.


Would you also like to be part of our team? Take a look at our vacancies!

Background & Vision

“Our strategy”? Always saying yes.”

Smet Rental was founded in the early 2000s as a family business. Stefaan Smet and Hilde Gabriels started with the rental of screening machines from years of experience in the sector and due to a growing market demand. From there, the company grew exponentially. By offering a strong service, both by telephone and on site and by responding quickly, the company enjoyed a lot of positive word of mouth. “Every time someone asked us: ‘can you do this?’, we immediately went looking for the appropriate solution. If you always keep saying ‘yes’, you keep growing,” says Stefaan. That simple but successful strategy has made Smet Rental the thriving international business it is today. After all, the machinery is growing along with the diverse and multifaceted demands from customers, as well as the experience and know- how within the company.

By the way, Smet Rental is a new name, as the old name Smet Verhuur was no longer in line with the international character of the company. Since 2016 it can be found in its new head office in Verrebroek. A huge terrain that has room for the large machine park, aworkshop for all maintenance and an office space for the logistics and administrative staff. The offices in Aven Ackers are the nerve centre where everything is closely monitored. “This new location has come about because of our growth, but also because of the new opportunities for growth”, thus Stefaan. “We work faster and more efficiently here, and that only benefits our service.

Smet Rental may have grown into an international company, but in essence little has changed. Stefaan and Hilde work together with their children and like to keep the family and warm approach in their company. The 30 or so employees are also part of the family. “We greatly appreciate our people”, says Stefaan. “We invest in them as well. There’s always the need for good employees knowing their trade and enjoying to do it. They are in fact even more valuable capital than machines. That’s what makes or breaks a business.”

Future perspective

The ambition for the future is to unburden our customers even more. Our machine fleet is constantly being expanded, as is the support behind the scenes. ‘We can’t do this’ is not in the dictionary of Smet Rental. Every effort is made to offer tailor-made solutions.

Discover Smet Rental

Our service


Smet Rental has been a specialist in this niche sector since 2009.

Extensive machine range

We have everything we need to deliver quality. Discover our range of machines.

Machine rental

Machines can be rented per day, week, month or year.
In case of a long term rental we will give an adjusted price in consultation with the client.


Without any concerns we bring our machines to the requested destination.


We take care of the set-up and give you instructions in order to enable you to understand everything and get straight to work.

At your service

While using our machines, you can always contact us for help. Our technical team can assist you by phone.

Your customized machine?

Contact us. We will immediately seek the appropriate solution to your question. Tip: send us some photos of the material to be processed. That way we can get started right away.

Our brands


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