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15th TANA SHARK 440D(T) for Smet Rental!

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15th TANA SHARK 440D(T) for Smet Rental!

Our first Tana machine entered our rental fleet about 7 years ago. In meantime, we’ve already taken delivery of 18 machines. Last week we were able to welcome our 15the Tana Shark 440D(T). Just like previous machines this one was also delivered by Smart Equipment BV.

Multi-purpose shredder

Tires, mattresses, PMD, A & B wood, aluminium profiles and pallets. Practically any waste stream, the Tana Shark can handle it!

Unlike most single shaft shredders that feature fixed counter knives, which are only adjustable in distance, the possibilities with the Tana Shark shredders are less restricted. Long, short, welded or sharpened counter knives. The opportunities in one single machine are endless. Given several combinations with long and short counter knives, the machine can be adjusted to shred almost any product and our own quick-change system makes it twice as fast.

It’s possible to run the shredder whithout any grill or equippe the machine with a wide variety of grills from 35mm till 220mm. For all materials to being processed there’s a preset program wich determines the return frequency and speed of the rotor and discharge conveyors.

To monitor output and immediately determine if any adjustments have affected your return, the Tana Shark was equipped with a proprietary weighting system.

New design since 2021

Originally, the Tana Shark 440D(T) had 33 knives and 22 counter knives. TANA OY introduced their new design in 2021. One row of additional rotor knives was added in those latest shredders, which makes a total of 44 knives. With the addition of more area under the rotor, a film effort was made to maximize the machine’s output and performance.

Old version
Tana Shark 440D(T)

33 knives


500mm open area under rotor


Weighting system


Magnetic conveyor chained

New version
Tana Shark 440D(T)

44 knives


700mm open area under rotor


Improved weighting system


Magnetic conveyor installed on hydraulic system

Renting your machine and our expertise

It’s possible for us to conclude that the Tana Shark 440D(T) is a machine to keep in whitin the world of recycling as well as in our rental range.

Over the years, we’ve accumulated more knowledge about these shredders, which allows us to always provide the right configuration for your products. In this way, you’re not only renting a machine, but our accumulated knowledge as well.

Would you like to operate by using the Tana Shark 440D(T) or still not quite sure which shredder might suit your needs? Contact our team for more information!

Roco hybrid kaakbreker huren

New ROCO RYDER 1000 jaw crusher

By News

New jaw crusher for Smet Rental;
Available for rental from September, the ROCO RYDER 1000

In 2019, we were first introduced the ROCO brand. After a visit to the Irish machine factory of Stefaan Smet it did not take long to sign the first tender for the purchase of a new jaw crusher.

After 3 years of actively using theROCO R9R jaw crusher in the rental industry, now it was time to join forces with our Irish supplier. After some negotiations and a second factory visit, a cooperation was established to distribute the entire ROCO range in the Benelux with Smet Machinery. As brand-new dealer, it was therefore a no-brainer to expand our own rental fleet with the very latest jaw crusher,ROCO RYDER 1000.

The first in its segment, hybrid jaw crusher ROCO RYDER 1000

The ROCO RYDER 1000 is the first jaw crusher in its class that can both run on its own generator and be connected to the electricity grid. Just as we do, ROCO listens to their customers and the needs in today’s market. Keeping these aspects in mind, the new jaw crusher was built. For example, a larger 600mm space is provided under the crushing room to ensure large pieces of iron are less likely to jam.

The crusher is equipped with a 930mm x 600mm crushing room, pre-screening, fogging system, magnetic conveyor and discharge conveyor which can rotate 180°. This allows the machine to be placed almost everywhere.

You can use our EvoQuip Colt 600, Portafill 5000CT or Herbst Compac S52 as a secondary screening. These vibrating screens have the right performance to be able to manage the large output of the jaw crusher.

Specifications ROCO RYDER 1000:
  • Output capacity up to 200 tons per hour
  • Crushing room 930mm x 600mm
  • Free space of 600mm under crushing room
  • Fuel consumption 10L / hour (recycling) and 15L / hour (stones)
  • Pre-screening with 180° rotating discharge conveyor
  • Directly connectable to the electrical grid
The perfect machine to suit your project

Would you like to try out our ROCO RYDER 1000 or require more information?
Do not hesitate to contact our colleagues!

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