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Jaaroverzicht 2022 Smet Rental

Annual review 2022

By Newsletter

2022 has already flown by, a new year is upon us and that deserves a little looking back!

Last year, we invested in several new machines with an eye to the future and to continue to respond to the demand and needs of the current market.

A total of 16 new machines were added to our rental fleet this year.
Among others, the new ROCO Ryder 1000, the WIMA HDS-S en HDS-M density separators, a Hammel VB 950DK, the newest Tana Shark 440D(T) ) and, as icing on the cake, 4 new Pronar drum screens type MPB 20.55 are now also part of our product range.

Check out our current rental offerings here

In addition, with Smet Machinery we sold 14 second-hand machines this year and were active with both our rental and sales service in no less than 9 different countries, in the EU as well as abroad.

In addition to our already existing dealership with Precimeca,we didn’t pass up the opportunity to also become a dealer in the Benelux for Roco9 andWIMA Wilsdruffer Maschienen. With these 2 new dealerships, from now on we can also support you with the purchase of a new jaw crusher and/or density separator.

Our dedicated team of employees was joined last year by 6 new employees.

In short, with a satisfied feeling we’re looking back on the past year and for that we would like to thank our customers and our suppliers warmly!

Activiteit landen 2022 Smet Rental

Happy holidays
and a happy and healthful new year!

Due to team Smet Rental

15th TANA SHARK 440D(T) for Smet Rental!

By News

15th TANA SHARK 440D(T) for Smet Rental!

Our first Tana machine entered our rental fleet about 7 years ago. In meantime, we’ve already taken delivery of 18 machines. Last week we were able to welcome our 15the Tana Shark 440D(T). Just like previous machines this one was also delivered by Smart Equipment BV.

Multi-purpose shredder

Tires, mattresses, PMD, A & B wood, aluminium profiles and pallets. Practically any waste stream, the Tana Shark can handle it!

Unlike most single shaft shredders that feature fixed counter knives, which are only adjustable in distance, the possibilities with the Tana Shark shredders are less restricted. Long, short, welded or sharpened counter knives. The opportunities in one single machine are endless. Given several combinations with long and short counter knives, the machine can be adjusted to shred almost any product and our own quick-change system makes it twice as fast.

It’s possible to run the shredder whithout any grill or equippe the machine with a wide variety of grills from 35mm till 220mm. For all materials to being processed there’s a preset program wich determines the return frequency and speed of the rotor and discharge conveyors.

To monitor output and immediately determine if any adjustments have affected your return, the Tana Shark was equipped with a proprietary weighting system.

New design since 2021

Originally, the Tana Shark 440D(T) had 33 knives and 22 counter knives. TANA OY introduced their new design in 2021. One row of additional rotor knives was added in those latest shredders, which makes a total of 44 knives. With the addition of more area under the rotor, a film effort was made to maximize the machine’s output and performance.

Old version
Tana Shark 440D(T)

33 knives


500mm open area under rotor


Weighting system


Magnetic conveyor chained

New version
Tana Shark 440D(T)

44 knives


700mm open area under rotor


Improved weighting system


Magnetic conveyor installed on hydraulic system

Renting your machine and our expertise

It’s possible for us to conclude that the Tana Shark 440D(T) is a machine to keep in whitin the world of recycling as well as in our rental range.

Over the years, we’ve accumulated more knowledge about these shredders, which allows us to always provide the right configuration for your products. In this way, you’re not only renting a machine, but our accumulated knowledge as well.

Would you like to operate by using the Tana Shark 440D(T) or still not quite sure which shredder might suit your needs? Contact our team for more information!

WIMA HSD-S dichtheidscheider te huur

WIMA HDS-S density separator and LA 40 R lamella separator

By New

Separating with water: WIMA HDS-S water separator and lamella separator available for rent at Smet Rental

Over the years, the demand for separating water-based waste flows has been growing. Since the very beginning, we at Smet Rental have been listening to our customers and their needs. Where we once started with a drum screen, star screen, wood shredder, waste shredder, stone shredder and non-ferrous separator, today we are once again responding to the demands of our customers with tot op hedenyet another new addition to our machine fleet.

Logo WIMA, dealerschip Smet Rental en Smet Machinery

TheWIMA HDS-S water separator andLA 40 lamella separator are both unique machines in the rental market of mobile recycling machines. After the succesfull evaluation of both the water separator and the lamella separator, we recently decided to also become a distributor of the entire WIMA range in the Benelux and the north of France with Smet Machinery , in addition to the rental of these machines.

WIMA HDS-S water separator

The WIMA HDS-S water separator is the smallest model in the HDS series and was developed for water-based particle separation.

The machine is composed of three compartments: the distribution room, a discharging conveyor and a drill. In the distribution room, the external feeder enters the material through a bunker, drum screenor vibrating screen. At the bottom of this room is a generator, which generates an upward flow. This causes lightweight particles to be immediately pushed upward toward the discharge conveyor. With this generator, a variable flow can be produced to separate products with a density of >1g/cm³te scheiden. All heavy particles end up at the bottom, after which they are discharged through a shaftless drill.

The German water separator can be used for all material flows you like to separate on a density basis, such as removing stones from biomass or removing wood and plastic from construction and demolition waste or crushed demolition waste, amongst others.

WIMA HDS-S waterscheider, waterbad, dichtheidscheider te huur - Smet Rental

Also, our density separator can be set up in addition to our lamella separator.

WIMA lamella separator LA 40 R

The WIMA lamella separator can be used to separate small particles from all kinds of liquids and can also be used to treat wastewater.

In the lamella separator, sedimentation is used to separate the particles in the wastewater. Compared to conventional settling tanks or circular thickeners, the lamella separator allows us to treat wastewater with a smaller footprint.

To date, 7 models can be found in the LA series (10, 20, 40, 50, 100, 200 and 300). In our rental range we offer the LA 40 R. The LA 40 R is the largest model that is adjustable in height and therefore the most suitable for rental purposes.

Great combination!

When separating waste flows with the HDS-S WIMA water separator, the water in the machine will become contaminated after a time. The purer the water, the better the separation. We have the perfect set-up for this; with the HDS-S water separator in combination with our LA 40 R lamella separator, contaminated water is purified by the lamella separator, the purified water then immediately returns to the HDS-S separator, giving us a “closed loop.”

Curious about the suitability of these machines for your recycling goals or would you like to rent them?

Contact our team!
EvoQuip Colt 600schudzeef - huren bij Smet Rental

The Evoquip Colt 600 scalping screen, from now on avaible for rent at Smet Rental!

By New

Expsansion of scalping screens: The Evoquip Colt 600 scalping screen from now on avaible for rent at Smet Rental !

At the start of september the first of three Colt 600 scalping screens were delivered at our headquarters. Just like the Terra Select T60, Ecohog 1500EH, Evoquip 1000 and the Finlay 883+ this machine was brought to us by Van Laecke Group.

The Colt 600 is de smallest of sclaping screen from the EvoQuip line. The machine is specially designed for projects where place is limited but a high efficiency is priority.

Possible applications:

This 3 way screen can be used for the screening of soil with stones, rubble, topsoil, lime, gravel, etc. In addition the Colt 600 can be perfectly used in line with a jaw or impact crucher as after screen. So it’s ideal to combine this machine with our new Roco Ryder 1000 jaw crucher.

The screen can be equiped with different screens and plates. For the lower deck we have screens from 5mm up to 40mm.

Specifications Colt 600:

  • Hopper of 3m³
  • Hopper with variable speed
  • Dubble deck of 2.34m x 1.17m
  • Different screens and plates
  • Dumping height fine fraction 2.9m
  • Dumping hight mid fraction 2.8m
  • Dumping hight gros fraction 2.7m
EvoQuip Colt 600 - schudzeef huren bij Smet Rental

Complete rental range of scalping screens:

The Colt 600 is the ideal addition to our already diverse fleet of screens and scalpers. A 2 fraction screen of 210kg up to a 3 way scalper of 34 tonnes. You name it! We have it.

Below is an overview of our current range of scalping screens.

Would you like to rent the Colt 600 or are you not sure what type of screen is the ideal for your project?

Contact our team for more information.
Pronar MRW20.55 trommelzeef - te huur bij Smet Rental

4 new Pronar MPB 20.55 drum screens for rent

By New

Four of a kind! 4 new drum screens for rent at Smet Rental.

3 years ago we bought our first two Pronar drum screens at Herema Recycling Machinery from Wim Heyninckx. Extremely reliable machines as it turns out, soon they both had more than 3000 running hours on the counter without any problems. For this reason, we decided to expand our rental fleet once again. In the last 2 months Wim deliverd no less than 4 new Pronar drum screens type MPB 20.55.

Specifications of the Pronar MPB20.55:

  • Hydraulic support legs
  • Fexid chain, welded tot the drum.With direct gear drive
  • Drum 5.5 metres long with a diameter of 2 metres
  • Open space under the bunker belt
  • Stainless steel drum walls
  • Cleanfix on oil cooler and engine
  • Autmotic start-stop system
  • Fine fraction discharge belt a driver’s side

Pronar MPB20.55 drum screen, the applications are endless!

This 2 way drum screen can be rented for all you screening needs. The machine can be used for screening soil, crushed green waste, soil with stones, lime, biomass and crushed waste.

Because the material is screened of a lenght of 5.5 meter, you will always achieve excellent results. Depending on the product to be processed, this Pronar drum screen can be equipped with a drum of either 10 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm 40 mm or 60 mm.

For screening biomass, green waste, soil, residual waste, broken A and B wood, pallets or other light products, carriers can be fitted in the drum, wich will ensure better product circulation.

Not sure wich machine is most suitable for your project or would you like to hire his drum screen?

Feel free to contact our team for additional info!
Roco hybrid kaakbreker huren

New ROCO RYDER 1000 jaw crusher

By News

New jaw crusher for Smet Rental;
Available for rental from September, the ROCO RYDER 1000

In 2019, we were first introduced the ROCO brand. After a visit to the Irish machine factory of Stefaan Smet it did not take long to sign the first tender for the purchase of a new jaw crusher.

After 3 years of actively using theROCO R9R jaw crusher in the rental industry, now it was time to join forces with our Irish supplier. After some negotiations and a second factory visit, a cooperation was established to distribute the entire ROCO range in the Benelux with Smet Machinery. As brand-new dealer, it was therefore a no-brainer to expand our own rental fleet with the very latest jaw crusher,ROCO RYDER 1000.

The first in its segment, hybrid jaw crusher ROCO RYDER 1000

The ROCO RYDER 1000 is the first jaw crusher in its class that can both run on its own generator and be connected to the electricity grid. Just as we do, ROCO listens to their customers and the needs in today’s market. Keeping these aspects in mind, the new jaw crusher was built. For example, a larger 600mm space is provided under the crushing room to ensure large pieces of iron are less likely to jam.

The crusher is equipped with a 930mm x 600mm crushing room, pre-screening, fogging system, magnetic conveyor and discharge conveyor which can rotate 180°. This allows the machine to be placed almost everywhere.

You can use our EvoQuip Colt 600, Portafill 5000CT or Herbst Compac S52 as a secondary screening. These vibrating screens have the right performance to be able to manage the large output of the jaw crusher.

Specifications ROCO RYDER 1000:
  • Output capacity up to 200 tons per hour
  • Crushing room 930mm x 600mm
  • Free space of 600mm under crushing room
  • Fuel consumption 10L / hour (recycling) and 15L / hour (stones)
  • Pre-screening with 180° rotating discharge conveyor
  • Directly connectable to the electrical grid
The perfect machine to suit your project

Would you like to try out our ROCO RYDER 1000 or require more information?
Do not hesitate to contact our colleagues!


Voka entrepreneurs magazine

By Company

'Up to Sweden we rent waste recycling solutions'

Recycling and reuse of materials is gaining increasing importance in companies and Smet Rental is noticing this as well. For recycling projects in the broadest sense of the word, the family business of Stefaan Smet and Hilde Gabriels offers no less than 150 different machines, from screens over conveyors to transfer cranes and crushers.


‘We rent mobile machines which our customers use in carrying out earthworks, all kinds of recycling activities and the shredding and treatment of industrial waste. Our drivers deliver the rented machines and provide the necessary explanations to get started with them. In addition, a technical team is available to assist with technical questions or problems. The duration of the rental varies greatly depending on the type of machine and the job; it ranges from a day to occasionally even a year or even longer. From the beginning, we decided to trust the operation of the rental machines to our customers. This way we avoid having to compete with them. Due to increasing demand in the second-hand market, we started Smet Machinery. With this, we respond to customers who want to take over a rented machine over time. In this way, for some brands, we also act as a distributor of their new machines.’


‘We started renting screening machines as an extension of the contracting business we had in the early 2000s. We noticed an interest in renting specific machinery for earthworks, for example. Because that often involves expensive installations of sometimes several hundred thousand euros, which customers usually only need for a short period of time. Over time, through customer demand and visits to trade shows, we noticed that as a rental company, there were even more applications possible. Machinery for recycling and waste treatment were then included in the range.’


‘First and foremost, we want to unburden our customers even more, not only on a technical level but in everything involved in renting our machines. We also want to further expand the sale of both used and new machines through Smet Machinery, both at home and abroad. We also participate in Voka Open Companies Day in the beginning of October, to give the outside world a clearer picture of our activities.


‘We want to provide our customers with customized solutions, and for that we make every effort. This strategy immediately explains our beautiful growth over the years. With our wide range of offerings, we are a strong, steady partner with the ability to move quickly and flexibly. In our role, we enable our clients to respond to the increasing importance of reusing materials and the changing legislation to that effect.


‘First, we discuss exactly what our client needs and what result he wants to achieve. Based on that, we will see which machine will serve him best. Therefore, we work not only with a wide range of all kinds of machine types, but also, in addition, with different brands. This way we can always propose the best solution for any specific job. If it turns out that there is no ready-made solution, we will work together to find a solution.’


‘Several years ago, we changed our previous name Smet Rental to Smet Rental. This is more consistent with the international focus we have. Because we also count customers in France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden. In fact, this makes us one of the largest European players in our niche. In consultation with Flanders Investment & Trade, we are exploring ways to further anchor ourselves abroad. But we want that to go hand in hand with a warm, family approach. We realize all too well that our nearly 40-member squad is still our greatest asset.’

by Jan Van de Poel
photography Stefaan Van Hul

Thanks to Voka Antwerpen-Waasland

Smet Rental expands! 🤩

By Newsletter

Dear customer,

We are pleased to tell you that both our machine park and our enthusiastic team of employees have become a little richer in recent weeks. Our last newly delivered machine, the HAMMEL VB 750 DK is a real powerhouse and we put it well deservedly in the spotlight. Below we introduce our new representative, who will be a point of contact for all your rental requests.

Steven, also known as Steve by his friends, acquaintances and colleagues, lives in Flemish Brabant and will take care of East and West Flanders, Flemish and Walloon Brabant, Antwerp and Brussels. | +32 470 10 25 79

Robust, powerful and versatile

The HAMMEL VB 750 DK is equipped with a powerful CAT C13 EPA Tier 4 Final engine with approximately 480 hp. The larger engine than that of its predecessor allows the machine to increase its power by more than 20%.

Due to the increased capacity of the machine, more material is discharged, the HAMMEL VB 750 DK was therefore equipped with a stronger upper magnet, to optimize the separation of ferrous metal. The larger track system not only makes the machine look more powerful, it also facilitates movement on rough and difficult terrain.

The shredder has even more advantages:

  • The generously sized radiator with 2 doors allows for better cleaning and prevents overheating, even in rooms with high outside temperatures.
  • The highly appreciated “easy to use” control: a mobile PLC control is installed as standard and has 3 pre-programmed and 1 freely configurable program.
    Error messages can be displayed in readable text.
  • The ejection height of the shredder is up to 4,800 mm, which allows for larger stocks.
  • The 66° inclination of the bunker provides an optimal filling position for feeding the material to be processed.


Click here for more information about the machine.

Hammel VB 750 DK - shredder te huur - Smet Rental

Would you like more information or would you like to rent this machine?
Feel free to contact us!

Progressive in recycling! ♻

By Newsletter

Progressive in recycling! ♻

Dear customer,

2022 has gotten off to a flying start. The second month is already well underway. The global pandemic is still holding us in a tight grip. This year also promises to be different from what we are used to.

Furthermore, the ever-changing markets, legislation and desired materials mean that our customers must be able to adapt quickly. We at Smet Rental are aware of this and try to respond to this by offering a range of machines in our fleet, which has passed the150 mark.

We have expanded our fleet to include a Tana Shark 440DT (new type),
a Hammel VB 950 DK and a Hammel VB 750 DK. In addition, we have two more VB 950 DK,
a drum sifter and a disc sifter that will be delivered during 2022.
This is in order to even better meet the demand of our customers at home and abroad.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, you can contact our motivated staff with rental requests, technical questions or questions regarding invoicing at the number +32 3 773 54 69 or via e-mail

Reduce the risk of fire

By Smet tip

Smet tip

During the summer months, we naturally face more dusty conditions on the job site and during our works. When renting our machines, we ask that you frequently clear your machine of all dust in the hood. In this way you can also avoid overheating.

Please keep our machines clean and tidy, so that there are fewer risks. 😉

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