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EvoQuip Colt 600schudzeef - huren bij Smet Rental

The Evoquip Colt 600 scalping screen, from now on avaible for rent at Smet Rental!

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Expsansion of scalping screens: The Evoquip Colt 600 scalping screen from now on avaible for rent at Smet Rental !

At the start of september the first of three Colt 600 scalping screens were delivered at our headquarters. Just like the Terra Select T60, Ecohog 1500EH, Evoquip 1000 and the Finlay 883+ this machine was brought to us by Van Laecke Group.

The Colt 600 is de smallest of sclaping screen from the EvoQuip line. The machine is specially designed for projects where place is limited but a high efficiency is priority.

Possible applications:

This 3 way screen can be used for the screening of soil with stones, rubble, topsoil, lime, gravel, etc. In addition the Colt 600 can be perfectly used in line with a jaw or impact crucher as after screen. So it’s ideal to combine this machine with our new Roco Ryder 1000 jaw crucher.

The screen can be equiped with different screens and plates. For the lower deck we have screens from 5mm up to 40mm.

Specifications Colt 600:

  • Hopper of 3m³
  • Hopper with variable speed
  • Dubble deck of 2.34m x 1.17m
  • Different screens and plates
  • Dumping height fine fraction 2.9m
  • Dumping hight mid fraction 2.8m
  • Dumping hight gros fraction 2.7m
EvoQuip Colt 600 - schudzeef huren bij Smet Rental

Complete rental range of scalping screens:

The Colt 600 is the ideal addition to our already diverse fleet of screens and scalpers. A 2 fraction screen of 210kg up to a 3 way scalper of 34 tonnes. You name it! We have it.

Below is an overview of our current range of scalping screens.

Would you like to rent the Colt 600 or are you not sure what type of screen is the ideal for your project?

Contact our team for more information.Contact our team for more information.
Pronar MRW20.55 trommelzeef - te huur bij Smet Rental

4 new Pronar MPB 20.55 drum screens for rent

By New

Four of a kind! 4 new drum screens for rent at Smet Rental.

3 years ago we bought our first two Pronar drum screens at Herema Recycling Machinery from Wim Heyninckx. Extremely reliable machines as it turns out, soon they both had more than 3000 running hours on the counter without any problems. For this reason, we decided to expand our rental fleet once again. In the last 2 months Wim deliverd no less than 4 new Pronar drum screens type MPB 20.55.

Specifications of the Pronar MPB20.55:

  • Hydraulic support legs
  • Fexid chain, welded tot the drum.With direct gear drive
  • Drum 5.5 metres long with a diameter of 2 metres
  • Open space under the bunker belt
  • Stainless steel drum walls
  • Cleanfix on oil cooler and engine
  • Autmotic start-stop system
  • Fine fraction discharge belt a driver’s side

Pronar MPB20.55 drum screen, the applications are endless!

This 2 way drum screen can be rented for all you screening needs. The machine can be used for screening soil, crushed green waste, soil with stones, lime, biomass and crushed waste.

Because the material is screened of a lenght of 5.5 meter, you will always achieve excellent results. Depending on the product to be processed, this Pronar drum screen can be equipped with a drum of either 10 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm 40 mm or 60 mm.

For screening biomass, green waste, soil, residual waste, broken A and B wood, pallets or other light products, carriers can be fitted in the drum, wich will ensure better product circulation.

Not sure wich machine is most suitable for your project or would you like to hire his drum screen?

Feel free to contact our team for additional info!Feel free to contact our team for additional info!
Nieuwe afvalbreker

New waste rusher in our fleet

By New

Smet Rental is once again expanding his fleet of crushers.

We would like to introduce to you the crusher Pronar MRW1.300. This waste crusher with a mono-rotor can be used for many types of (company) waste to reduce. With a mobile wheel chassis it is easy to move from one site to another.


Roco crusher R9R

By New

Last friday, we received the latest addition to our fleet, the ROCO R9R crusher. The machine posesses all the elements to meet the requirements of recycling processing. With its weight of only 18 tons, this machine can be transported over the highway, preventing expensive transportation.


Komptech Crambo 6000

Terminator 6000s

By New

With the end of the year in sight we’ve received our last crusher of the year. The Terminator 6000s is already known to us and our customers.

For rent in early 2020!

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