Panther 2000

This waste shredder is suitable for shredding the following materials:
  • Plastic, wood, paper and cardboard, copper cables, aluminum, textiles, …


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Description Panther 2000 - secondary shredder

The Panther 2000 is a secondary shredder used to very finely shred all kinds of materials. The machine equipped with a hydraulic slide that automatically pushes all materials to be shredded towards the rotor, depending on the load on the engine.

This shredder is easily adjustable in height by means of hydraulic legs and can be fed by a crane or separate bunker.

Please note that the Panther 2000 must be powered by an external generator (kVA). This can also be rented from us.
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Technical data Panther 2000 - secondary shredder
6.000 mm
2.500 mm
3.000 mm
till 100m³ / hour
16.72 tonnes
10 - 50 mm
Technical fiches Panter 2000 - secondary shredder

No technical sheets available.

Smet Rental ADVICE:

When loading a waste shredder, we recommend having a view of the shredding room. This is done by elevating the operator or raising it with a waste handler crane.

The Panther 2000 secondary shredder can be rented from just 1 day.
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Renting a shredder at Smet Rental = worry free rental!

With Smet Rental we make sure you can get started with peace of mind. At the beginning of the rental period, our driver or one of our technicians will set up the shredder and perform a first test, he/she will also give the necessary instructions after which you can start working with the machine without any worries.

Do you encounter any problems during the rental period or would you like additional information? You can always contact our technical team by phone.