Komptech Multistar L3

This star screen is suitable for screening the following material:
  • Compost, biomass, A and B wood, lightweight materials, fine fibers (fluff), …
  • Magnetic head pulley on the middle fraction
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Description Komptech Multistar L3 - star screen

The Komptech Multistar L3, 3-fraction star screen excels at screening biomass and crushed wood.

The star screen has a chain-driven bunker with a distribution roller at the end that ensures that the material evenly reaches the top star deck. The Multistar L3’s 2 star decks are speed adjustable to allow a perfect regulation of fractions.

With a 125A plug, the Komptech Multistar L3 star screen can be connected to the mains so that it can be run without emissions.

The Komptech Multistar L3 is available in 3 different types. Below you can find the fractions that the star screens obtain. At the beginning of each rental period, we consider together which type is most suitable for your screening operations.

Technical data Komptech Multistar L3 - star screen


11.500 mm



2.550 mm



4.000 mm



12.877 mm

Working position


6.300 mm

Working position


3.998 mm

Working position


18 tons

Screening sizes

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Fuel tank

250 liter

Technical sheets Komptech Multistar L3 - star screen
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L3 type 1: fine / fine
Fine         0-10…25
Middle   10…25 – 60 …80
Coarse       > 60 … 80
L3 type 1: coarse / coarse
Fine        0 – 30…50
Middle   30…50- 100…200
Coarse       >100…200
L3 type 1: fine / coarse
Fine          0-10…25
Middle   10…25 – 100…200
Coarse       > 100…200
Smet Rental ADVICE:

Place the star screen in line with one of our wood shredders for perfect processing of biomass, A and B wood.

you can rent the Komptech Multistar L3 star screen from just 1 day.
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Do you encounter any problems during the rental period or would you like additional information? You can always contact our technical team by phone.